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4M is an innovative lifestyle concept where flexible living, work-from-home and mobility solutions are bundled into one stylish, comfortable, convenient and cost effective solution. We pride ourselves on developing an ecosystem that elevates the experience of our members in meaningful ways.

What We Do

4M is a premier Operator of Lifestyle Assets which are created through the alchemy of space, cost, style and convenience. 4M curates Exceptional Experiences which are informed offerings of services and events that leverage and enhance Lifestyle Assets.

How We Do It

By putting constant innovation at the center of everything we do, 4M practices the continuous study of cross-discipline thought leadership while staying agile to adapt to the latest trends in technology, 4M 1) develops and operates first-of-its-kind lifestyle assets, 2) curates original and exceptional experiences, and 3) builds the 4M brand through interactive collaboration with our Community - online, offline, and onsite.

Building Our Community

4M is designed to provide a choice to people seeking new ways to interact in both professional and social constructs. Designed from the ground up as a platform that helps improve the lives of its Community Members, 4M provides flexibility and bespoke services to enhance living, working, and socializing across tangible and virtual environments, creating a foundational sense of purpose based on the experiences 4M develops.