June 02, 2020

Energies are Contagious

Working from home can be a slog. It’s sometimes hard to find the motivation to work on something that doesn’t bring you that much joy. It’s your job, though, and you’ll have to get the work done if you want to keep getting paid so you can pay for your bills - your housing, car, food, utilities, and most other things that you do in your free time. That stacks up quickly and can be extremely stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times: Find something you love working on and you’ll never feel like you’re working again. Okay, great. Show me where the job application is that pays enough for my hobbies to pay the bills.

So what makes work enjoyable? What makes the mundane tolerable, day after day? Well, it’s the people around you. Numerous studies have shown that the people that you connect with daily significantly affect your mood. How they talk, how they react to situations, their attitude to the unexpected. That rubs off on you and then your attitude rubs off on someone else. It’s incredibly powerful, but can be pretty disastrous if the people around you aren’t in the right headspace to help you stay positive.

We’ve all been there. It’s the beginning of a work day; you’re tired; you just made it to work on time. That’s normal. It’s a normal day. Then, a co-worker brings in a funk. A cloud. A negative air about them. From the beginning, everything they say is negative, pessimistic, and defeatist. And now you’re in a bad mood. There are scales to see how much other people’s emotions affect us, but it happens every once in a while. And it’s tough to get out of it.

Many people suggest that you should surround yourself with positive people. People who bring you joy. Easier said than done. Others say that you need to be more introspective about the way you react to things and events. Be methodical in your actions so as not to increase the chances of mental stress. Sure, great, why not? Thanks for the tip, everyone ever.

What you can do is place yourself in an environment where people are thriving at something you want to thrive at. A place where people are collaborating and working together for both a collective goal and personal goals. Just show up and do your work around others who are doing their own work. They might not necessarily be dependent on you being there for their work to get done, but you can learn from them, share with them, and laugh with them. Obviously, not everyone is going to be having a good day every day, but in a community where people are simultaneously self-reliant and require social interaction, it gets a lot easier to surround yourself with people who are succeeding at the moment.


That’s what we’re proposing at 4M, a community of spreading successful positivity. Let’s create a community that supports itself. One that actively roots out negativity by being goal-oriented and focuses on collectively learning from mistakes and challenges. Launching faster, getting your business up and running ahead of schedule, and building a team that works best for you and your company is bound to bring positivity and it’s bound to spread.