August 25, 2020

eSports Are Here to Stay

My mother always told me that I should avoid playing video games and focus on doing my homework, ostensibly so that I could one day get a good job and support myself. Sometimes I wish I didn’t listen to her, as I read news reports of professional gamers making six and even seven-figure salaries. In 2018, 350 million people tuned in to watch professional eSports. My roommate drove to New York City to watch an eSports competition in person. In 2019, revenues from eSports surpassed one billion dollars. This just in -- eSports is not a fad.

If you’re an aspiring eSports player, whether an individual competitor or a part of a team, I highly recommend you take your talents to the next level by choosing 4M. Ann Arbor is home to some of the nation's finest sports teams and the spirit of competitive excellence is palpable. Not only do we have a nationally renowned football and basketball program, but the University of Michigan has been an early leader in eSports. UofM boasts a community of student gamers that have reached top-10 accolades representing UM in competitions on the national level. Even if you’re not a student, you can be a part of the discord server and participate and connect with fellow gamers in your community, maybe even be the first to discover young talent. Community is important, and that’s something you’ll be able to find here in Ann Arbor.

pexels-soumil-kumar-735911 __Above: Clickity clack, I'm definitely not gaming on my Mac. __

The importance of community is something that 4M understands better than any other housing company in Ann Arbor. Our entire building plan is constructed to foster community and collaboration. It’s the perfect place to bring your eSports team to train and build team chemistry. Complete with luxurious suites for privacy and comfort as well as offices, coworking spaces, and common areas for any activities, practices, or strategy sessions your team may need, 4M is the perfect mixture of privacy and community. We’ll have electric cars available for your use so that you won’t need to concern yourself with transportation. We’re also proud to say that 4M has some of the highest quality fiber optic internet available right now. Regardless of whether you’re playing solo or with a team, we can guarantee that your connection will never be an issue, allowing you to focus on what’s important: your game.

And outside of your professional life, we’re confident that you’ll be happy with your choice to come to Ann Arbor. It has everything you would need from a big city, but with a small town feel. Amazing bars, restaurants, craft beer, local shops. It has lots of opportunities for outdoor activities like canoeing, kayaking, biking, and hiking. And it has one of the top and most entertaining college sports programs in the world. Environment plays a big role in motivating us to pursue excellence, and being among the leaders and best will go a long way towards making your team a winning team.

Here at 4M, our target audience are the leaders of the new economy, the creatives, the entrepreneurs, and yes, the eSports athletes challenging and pioneering what our preconceived ideas of what competitive sports is, and leading us into the digital age.