May 18, 2020

Four Ways HaaS Properties Can Help You Land Your First Client

Freelancers and startup business owners know firsthand that life as a gig economist delivers both benefits and challenges. Yes, deciding to work for yourself is an ideal opportunity to chart your career course. Independent contractors quickly lean into the freedom of having no cubicle, no set schedule, and no boss.

However, freelancing can also be a highly competitive pursuit, particularly in a remote landscape. Many independent contractors find themselves trying to steal market share from national and even overseas talent. New entrepreneurs quickly realize that, at least initially, launching without an effective strategy can also boil down to no leads, no clients, and no money.

HaaS Properties Can Provide a Competitive Edge to Freelancers

Entrepreneurs and independent contractors across multiple verticals have leveraged Housing as a Service (HaaS) properties to help their services edge out the competition. These fully-equipped healthy living and working collaboration spaces help tenants stand out in market and command client attention in several important ways:

First Impressions

Client first impressions of any kind are always critical. However, dazzling a new prospect is especially important with local consumers who would like to meet in person before moving forward. Starting a freelance business from home often means meeting leads at a nearby (often buzzy and loud) coffee shop. With a HaaS solution, you can forget about trying to find a spot at the local Starbucks (unless you want to, of course). Your HaaS property will provide new, well-equipped meeting spaces guaranteed to help you make a lasting impression on visitors.

Innovation Access

Being a solopreneur has its benefits — but it’s important to have everything you need to support your clients throughout the entire engagement. Purchasing equipment and innovation on your own can prove both slow and costly. As a HaaS tenant, you’ll have instant access to a comprehensive suite of technology and innovation that helps add an infrastructure layer to your business, all as part of your low, flat monthly rental fee.

More Working Capital

Speaking of a low, flat monthly rental fee, the cost-efficiency of HaaS properties can also help tenants land clients. Most freelancers agree that Housing as a Service offers everything they need at a price point well below market value if they were purchasing and leasing each individual item on their own. HaaS bundles all of its services under one price point, allowing tenants to have access to more working capital to reinvest in their operations.

Established Presence

Finally, HaaS properties help prove to potential clients that you are an established business resource for them. Your HaaS corporate spaces demonstrate that you’re not just “playing office” — you’re fully vested in your vision, and committed to doing everything necessary to ensure both your and your clients’ success.

Are you ready to strike out on your own as an independent contractor? 4M Housing as a Service properties provide everything you’ll need for healthy collaboration, personal balance, and professional growth. Contact us today to learn more about our properties.