May 29, 2020

Housing That is More


Simply put, housing is where you live. That might seem pretty obvious, but think about it for a second. Where you live is a very personal place. That’s where you and your things are. You cook there, you invite people over, and grow a family. It might just be a place for you to rest your head and it might even be where you work. Whatever the case may be, it’s your space, uniquely defined by you. However you think about housing and where you live, it can always be more.

I’d hate to be the writer to hit you with some Psych 101 Hierarchy of Needs lecture on how housing can help you reach the top of the pyramid, achieving your full potential creatively or professionally, and complete long-term goals that will make you explode self-actualization out of your eyes. I don’t want to sell you on the idea that where you live and how you think about it will skyrocket your life into the stratosphere. That seems a bit like snake oil, a tad like quackery. No. Never. Articles on how to achieve success seem to place recipes for success on a separate pedestal than hard work and a good amount of luck. I’m just here to write about how housing can be more than you think.

So, simply put, housing can be a place to grow your career. To think about housing this way, we have to think about how one can grow their own career. Let’s do that, seems like a great place to start. To grow your career, you have to gain some level of notoriety in whatever you are doing. If you are part of a large company, you have to stand out in such a way to move up in the ladder. In a startup, you have to take responsibility and own important tasks to help the business grow. As a freelancer or contractor, you have to market your quality skills to as many people as possible. These are simple examples, but marketing yourself as someone who gets the job done and done well is really important.

Marketing yourself and your skills takes time, money, and resources. If where you live can reduce the time, money, and resources necessary to grow your business, no matter what it is, then that sounds like a win to me. So how can housing do that?

By placing all you need to market yourself professionally in one place.

What if you could live in an environment that streamlined the cost to live, work, and travel in one space, while providing a curation package that helps you network, learn soft skills, and market yourself effectively? If that living environment was filled with other working professionals who are working just as hard as you to grow themselves and their business, collaboration, learning and friendships are bound to happen. It just takes effort and a little bit of luck.

The 4M campus is designed to provide this space and the services needed to make housing more than just housing. Housing becomes a service. When housing becomes a service geared towards helping professionals grow, just like that the luck needed to succeed diminishes.