May 29, 2020

It's Time for a Full Reset

When world news has us collectively examining our individual paths forward, it is natural to focus all of our thought and energy on the challenge of taking our own small steps forward. It’s the keep your head down and don’t stop walking mentality. The world as we know it is altered; this will affect people, life processes, work processes - it will touch almost everything. Some of those things will be small and some will be consequential. To whatever degree these changes impact the way business is done within any particular organization, that business or entrepreneur will have to figure out how to walk, run, sprint in terms of ramping back up and maintaining viability.

Every shred of news, every point of data and every potential strategy is worked, applied, and put into context…if there is such a thing as “over-relentless,” this is the time it happens.

While this is a time of great challenge it is also a time of great opportunity; it is the rare occurrence wherein we all must execute a full reset. Almost all business has been disrupted; in some cases, this has been positive; in most cases, it has been extreme and has taken a harsh toll; to the extent that businesses have to figure out how to navigate the landscape with the resources still remaining; the money they have, the people still standing, and the customers remaining - a full reset considers all those "ground zero" factors.

Now is the best time to step back from our own path forward to think about how we execute the reset together. It is a chance to make sure that as we establish momentum and relaunch a new strategy in which no one is left behind.

So how can we execute a full reset? How hard is it to do and how long does it take. That varies for most people, but the key elements are the same. First, you have to take a moment to stop. A real moment, not a second or a minute. Real moments aren’t defined by time, but are instead structured by the individual. That’s a bit abstract, but you can think of a moment as a memory. How much time passes in a memory? It’s hard to say, but the memory is a moment, and it stands out for a reason. So stop in a memorable way. Clear your head if you can.

Now it’s time to think inwardly. In a way, a full reset follows the structure of meditation. You stop, you breathe, and you clear your head. You sweep away all the clutter in your head so you can focus. Some people are better at it than others, and that’s perfectly fine. It takes effort to stop and think. It’s easy to just keep moving without knowing where you’re headed.

Right, how can you apply this to your career or your business during unpredictable economic times? There are a few things you should be thinking about.

  1. What is working right now?
  2. What isn’t working right now?
  3. What was working, but isn’t right now?
  4. What’s been on the backburner that you need to get to?
  5. What do you need to do right now?

When you know what is working for you right now and what isn’t, what used to work and now isn’t, you can assess more clearly what is worth your efforts. You may have projects on the back burner that have been there for a long time or you may want to make some changes in your processes and haven’t had the time to work on it. Well, now might be the time to strengthen your processes.

Think about it this way: When the economy is running smoothly, it’s like a great big marathon. Everyone is running or sprinting to the finish line at their own pace. Some are ahead of others and some are just in it to be in the race. Some are lean and fast, others a heavy and slow. Some dropout and some finish. Now the race is over. The economy is halted. And now you have to train for the next one.

So what do you need to do right now, during the training season? You might have some things you need to do right now to set yourself up for a good training session, but the bulk of this time should be about thinking about what you need to do better the next time the race starts, the next time the gun goes off. Now is the time to bulk up.

That’s why the full reset is so important right now. A lot of us are still running the race after it’s over and we’re looking for someone to hand us a medal. We have to stop, shift our priorities from winning the race to preparing for the race.

What you think you need to prepare yourself for the next race is up to you, but it’s important to know what worked for you last time, what didn’t, and what you can do better next time so you can be ready for it.

Maybe last year you were seeing a lot of growth within your company, but your HR processes weren’t as strong as they should be. Now would be a time to get those set up. Maybe your marketing was on-point, but how you responded to the waterfall of leads made it almost impossible to get to them all. Fix that now, while you can! Maybe you need to streamline operational costs and you have the time and space to shift things around? Set things in motion.

I know I’m just one person writing on one website and you’re one person passing by hundreds of articles and sites a week. Who am I, and what do I know? Does it matter? I’m just someone who wants to get us all thinking again. When we’re thinking about how we can be better prepared for the next round, there’s going to be a lot less panic right now and a lot more people finishing the race later.