August 06, 2020

Lights . . . Camera . . . Market Your Business!

Video production can be incredibly expensive for a small team or business. If you don’t have the skillset or the time to do it on your own, you have to hire a third-party company to get the job done. You have to explain to them exactly what your vision is and then they go to work. If they’re good, they’ll do a great job capturing what you’re trying to convey, but boy; it can get expensive. On the other hand, if you think your team has the bandwidth to pull off a great video without the help of a third-party to source your content, you still need to find a set, a camera, lighting, and sound capturing tools to get the job done right. If it’s not done right, people will know. And the worst thing about marketing yourself is spending a lot of time producing something that people don’t notice.

Cost is the biggest factor when it comes to marketing, and video production is no stranger to cost. This is why we’re a big proponent for leveraging the share economy. What if you didn’t have to purchase or rent all the expensive equipment you needed to make a video? What if there was a dedicated production studio available to you every day of the week that didn’t require extra expenses to book for a day? What if you don’t know what tools to use and you just want an expert’s opinion? That’s where the share economy comes in. In a collaborative community, the tools are already there just waiting to be used to create something great.

4M happens to be the place to mesh great living spaces, collaborative work areas, and creative labs with the share economy. The huge bonus to all this: it’s incredibly cheap for the quality and uptime. Where else can you go where your team, your workspace, your design studios, and your meeting rooms are all on the same campus?

Although it’s pretty cool for your team to be working together in the same space around all sorts of tech and tools that will help it grow much faster, the amount of cost savings associated with everything we have packed into our campus becomes exponential when you throw in your own team’s creativity. Imagine our small business, your startup, or your team pumping out quality videos every week. On top of that, starting your own podcast about updates, ideas, or just for laughs. The viewers, followers, and customers grow with more quality content. 4M is just here to set you up for success.