August 20, 2020

Our Commitment to Safety

I’ve been a creative/entrepreneur almost full-time for the past three years. My medium of choice is music. I’m a singer/songwriter. For as long as I can remember I’ve loved to sing and to compose. And yet the world we live in today is a multimedia world. To be a successful musician, you need more than just a voice and a creative vision. You need a producer, a videographer, maybe a stylist, photographer, and so on.

While that reality is, at times, quite daunting, one of my favorite parts of this career path is the wide swathe of creatives I’ve had the privilege to work with. Now my best friends are producers, music video creators, podcasters, youtube show hosts, and streetwear designers. We all work together to help further each other's vision. Or at least - we did until March.

When Coronavirus hit, I won’t lie, it made things much more difficult and complicated. The fact is, the creative field is collaborative by nature. Creativity begets creativity. Genius inspires genius. And when people who are specialized and passionate about what they do come together, great things happen. So after two months of lockdown, the question became - how do we do our inherently collaborative work while also making safety our priority? 4M is asked the same question, and luckily for us, had an answer ready.

In the age of Covid-19, 4M understands that safety is our number one priority. Here are just some of the ways 4M has gone above and beyond to ensure a collaborative work environment that protects its residents, and gives us some peace of mind.

  • Our staff is trained for regular surface interval cleaning not only in public areas, but in your personal units as well should you wish it.
  • All of our bookable work and office spaces are thoroughly cleaned after each use ensuring no transmission of germs.
  • Our facilities were designed with antimicrobial surfaces for furniture, making them easy to clean and maintain.
  • We have a state of the art air filtration system that not only protects against bacteria/viruses, but reduces odor and pollutants in the air as well. These are equipped with UV light technology that kills bacteria.
  • All of our doors have keyless entry from LATCH, which reduces shared surface contact.
  • 4M has made great use of space. Should someone fall ill or show any symptoms whatsoever, we have plenty of space for them to comfortably quarantine without putting any others at risk of exposure.
  • We have plenty of accessible outdoor office space as well, should you feel more comfortable meeting outside.
  • We’re flexible, our space is designed to be redesigned easily, and can be arranged for socially distant collaboration.
  • Finally, our staff is extremely responsive to daily resident requests should anyone desire something be changed, cleaned, or re-cleaned.

Proper signage on campus policies regarding social distancing and best practices will be posted throughout the space and all residents and staff will receive onboarding training on our campus safety policies. We know how unnerving these times can be, and that’s why we’ve taken every precaution to ensure that your experience at 4M will be not only professionally fruitful, but safe and secure as well.