August 04, 2020


These days it feels like everyone and their mother is starting a podcast. In the last five years, podcasts have skyrocketed in popularity, becoming an invaluable cultural currency. They’re inescapable. Any conversation that lasts more than 90 seconds, whether at a party, a zoom call, or an uncomfortable family barbecue, will inevitably turn to podcasts. Podcasts can do so many things. They educate us, they entertain us, they teach us new things about our world which seemingly grows more complex and nuanced with each passing day. They give voice to important issues, and elevate the voices of everyday people.

So why is everyone making a podcast? Maybe on some level we all know - all it takes is one great idea and you’re off to the races right? Well, yes and no. On the one hand, podcasts can truly be about anything. From politics and news to sci-fi and ghost stories, there’s a never ending stream of content accessible from our pocket 24/7. And it’s incredible to think that with creativity, ingenuity, and hard work, you have the power today to reach hundreds, even thousands of people. But there remains one major gatekeeper that separates successful podcasts from unsuccessful podcasts; quality. And I don’t mean the quality of your idea. I mean cold hard straight up quality of your audio and video. True - the average podcast listener knows very little about dynamic versus condenser microphones, navigating audio software, or how to use a dslr camera but every listener knows quality when they see or hear it.

That’s what 4M can offer. The opportunity to hone your skills in an environment equipped with all the materials you’ll need to achieve a product that sounds, looks, and feels professional. Not only this, but we can offer workshops and educational materials virtually or in person to help you learn the skills necessary to take your podcast to the next level. Don’t get me wrong -- hard work and creativity are crucial raw materials for success. But the other often overlooked raw material is, well, materials. That’s where we come in. You bring the vision, we’ll help you build it in the real world.

But even looking past the nuts and bolts of podcasting, there’s another reason that 4M is an ideal place for the 21st century podcast host, and it’s one that artists of all levels will attest to.

Creativity does not exist in a vacuum.

No matter if you’re a watercolor painter or a soundcloud rapper, creativity inspires creativity. Being exposed to other creative people creates a culture of creativity, fertile ground for the next great idea. Here at 4M, you’ll be surrounded by all different kinds of creatives with a diverse set of interests, all seeking to make an impact on their world. This is the kind of energy that helps to spark moments of genius. This entire building was designed with the purpose of serving the new creative class of entrepreneurs, artists, content creators, and young professionals. So come, check out our facilities. It could be the first step in making your creative vision a reality.