August 26, 2020

Stop and Say Hi

We live in an increasingly collaborative world. A world full of freelancers, entrepreneurs, gig-workers and creatives. A world where it’s no longer enough to be good at just one thing. Especially in the new economy, to be a member of the creative class is to be part of a workforce that demands you think outside the box, find new and creative solutions to the world’s problems, and, oftentimes, work outside your own discipline.

Take me for example. I’m an independent artist. My passion is songwriting. I wish it were enough for me to practice my vocals and keyboard for an hour a day and write 3-4 songs a week. But that’s just not the case. I also need to be my own music video director, producer, and arranger; I need to be my own marketing agent, booking agent, and manager. These are all skills outside of my own discipline, but it’s simply what is necessary in today's economy. And I’m not complaining, I get to do what I love and gain valuable skills at the same time. But almost all my prowess in these new and foreign areas has started with a simple question: “Hey, what are you doing?”

I’m lucky. Some of my best friends are also creatives. They’ve pursued careers as podcasters, videographers, and creative marketers. Oftentimes, I’ll see them working on something and I’ll say “Hey, what are you doing?” and they’ll show me. Suddenly, through this casual serendipitous encounter, I’ll have a new tool that makes my chances of success and reaching more new fans much higher. But the best part is then I’ll try to do it myself and they’ll say “Hm, that’s cool, but try doing it more like this.” Suddenly I have, not only a new skill, but a new teacher as well.

That’s the environment we seek to foster here at 4M. Our environment is designed to foster a community of open collaboration. Complete with luxurious private suites as well as coworking spaces, community areas, and offices available for reservation, we boast the perfect mixture of privacy and community. We’re following in the footsteps of some of America’s leading tech giants like Google, who know that sometimes the greatest ideas - like Gmail for example - begin with a casual conversation.


Left: "Hey, what are you doing?"

Right: "I've been working on this blog post that four people will read."

My mentors always tell me, there’s what you know, what you know you don’t know, and what you don’t know what you don’t know. Put it another way - the biggest break you need for your project to really stand out, whether it’s an app, a podcast, or a marketing plan, is waiting for you to discover it. If you come to 4M, you’ll be surrounded by others who are pushing the boundaries of their discipline, others who live on the cutting edge. When you put yourself in that environment, exciting things happen.

That’s why we got into this business, to foster that exact environment as best we can. So we hope you bring your talents to 4M. And I hope you remember this article when you’re walking through one of our coworking spaces and ask a new friend, “Hey, what are you doing?”