May 18, 2020

The Personal Perks of a Housing as a Service (HaaS) Property

Housing as a Service (HaaS) properties have redefined the concept of enterprise incubator and launching pad for freelancers and entrepreneurs across a wide range of industries. Uniquely designed to support career development and build community among similarly-motivated peers, HaaS co-working spaces centralize access to a full suite of professional services and accommodations at a reduced total-cost-of-living price point. For one flat monthly rate, independent contractors and business owners gain access to a full suite of high-end business amenities, including production facilities, creativity labs, conference rooms, and tech-enabled workspaces.

HaaS Properties Defy “All Work and No Play” Stereotypes

Yes, the business features of a well-equipped HaaS property are compelling. Still, it’s important to remember that housing as a service solutions offer far more than just co-working spaces. These properties aren’t just where residents work—it’s also where they live. While the many corporate resources may compel young professionals to pursue HaaS options, the most significant benefit of these facilities is that they deliver everything needed to support a balanced, holistic lifestyle. To achieve this enriched, thrive environment, the property must also include a diverse range of luxuries, conveniences, and creature comforts that optimize the co-living experience for residents even after the workday has ended.

If you’re considering a HaaS solution, it all begins with the professional growth benefits. The experience provides a place to learn, network, and increase career earnings. But it’s important to prioritize the personal perks of the property before signing a lease. Some essential amenities should include:

Personal Wellbeing

Our world has been affected by a pandemic, which has heightened overall awareness for health and safety. A major advantage to considering a HaaS property is the assurance that more precautions than you’d take living in a typical community become a part of the offering. Imagine a life where you can track the cleanliness and availability of workspaces, know in real-time of any risks or hazards, breathe clean and well-circulated air, and more. Living in a HaaS property means living safe and well.

Location, Location, Location

Both personal and professional real estate decisions typically start with one essential factor: location. HaaS properties are no exception. Beyond business opportunities, find a region that also offers access to things to do in your downtown. Museums, parks, natural landmarks, sights and attractions, and even nearby universities are all things to look for when searching for properties that will offer a diverse, balanced lifestyle.

Private Living Spaces

HaaS properties deliver an instant community for residents. However, even the most extroverted entrepreneurs appreciate a little alone time. Housing as a service facilities should offer beautifully-appointed, tech-enabled living spaces, where residents have their own bedrooms and bathrooms. These fully-furnished, private areas serve as a respite away from the corporate hustle and bustle of the workday.

Fully-Equipped Kitchens

No one wants to live on takeout and fast food alone. A quality HaaS solution will offer a fully-equipped kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances, cookware, serving ware, and utensils. Whether you’re reheating leftovers between brainstorming sessions in the think tank or planning a three-course Sunday dinner, you’ll have access to everything you need to make a delicious meal.

Transportation Options

Many young professionals don’t realize that HaaS solutions also provide transportation services to increase overall convenience and lease value. Shared vehicles, shuttles, and access to public transportation are just some of the many ways a HaaS property ensures residents can get to a client appointment as well as effortlessly explore their new hometown.

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