August 11, 2020

Thinking about Freelance Writing?

The 20s is the decade of the gig economy. In the midst of the covid crisis, it’s clear that companies across the nation are scratching their heads and saying, “Huh, I guess we can… work from home?” The internet has allowed us to be easily and constantly connected to one another, allowing for a newer more flexible work environment. Who knows if we’ll ever return to the world of cubicles and water cooler gossip. But even forgetting the pandemic (if that’s even possible), independence has never been more desirable or more attainable than it is today, especially among millennials. From 2003 to 2013, the percentage of millennial income earned from independent contracting increased from 53% to 72%. Millennials love their independence. And who can blame them? I’ll tell you what, I’ve seen office space and working from a cubicle doesn’t sound like very much fun.

Enter the freelance writer. A freelance writer earns their dime on their terms. Whether they’re writing for a newspaper, magazine, website, or oftentimes a hodgepodge of various outlets, they reserve a certain amount of independence and flexibility that makes the career path so enticing. No matter how you piece it together, Ann Arbor and 4M is the place to take your talents.

If we set aside all the usual reasons to move to a city, the amazing nightlife, the many parks, trails, and waterways, the summer festivals, amazing concert venues, and Michigan sports, if we set all of that aside and think purely of the needs of a freelance artist, Ann Arbor remains a perfect choice. Ann Arbor has several popular newspapers. From Current to Ann Arbor Observer, to the Michigan Daily there’s no shortage of opportunity for news. Not to mention, the streets are bursting with small businesses with a story to tell in need of someone to help them tell it. An incredibly self-sufficient and proud community, there is no shortage of opportunity for a writer in Ann Arbor. Not only this, but there are constantly renowned and revered speakers that come through to speak at the University, opportunities to learn from some of our country's finest writers, for free.

And where does 4M factor into all of this? Well, not only will you have a state of the art room within walking distance of downtown, campus, and the sports stadiums, but you’ll also have all the makings of a modern office at your fingertips. Here at 4M, we value collaboration and seek to create and foster a community of independent creatives. Complete with fiber-optic internet and brand new facilities, our coworking space is the perfect place to write your next article. You won’t have to worry about transportation either, as we’ll have electric vehicles available for our tenants to use at their convenience. Being a freelance writer is all about having your cake and eating it too, doing something you love while still retaining your flexibility. That’s the kind of mindset that’s perfect for 4M. From the city, to the facilities at 4M you’ll have all the tools of the modern office and all the comforts of a state of the art home. Start tomorrow’s dream today at 4M.