August 03, 2020

Time to Unplug.

The 4M campus is designed for work. Workspaces, desk spaces, meeting spaces, production studios; there’s always a space open for our residents to get their work done. The thing about working where you live, other than zero commute times and setting your own pace, is that it can be difficult to “turn off” work-mode. For a lot of people, this can be pretty detrimental to mental health. Although the 4M campus is very work-focused, it’s also extremely focused on maintaining a healthy, safe environment.

Picture this: it’s five o’clock and it’s time to step away from your computer. It’s time to decompress from a long day of hard work. Maybe you need to get some exercise, read a book, make some dinner, or get some drinks with your friends. Everyone relaxes in their own way, but the 4M campus is here to facilitate that relaxation. Our “Flex” space has tons of events going on, from yoga classes to live podcast shows. If you’re looking for gym space, we’ve partnered with a local gym one block away with everything you need to get a full-body workout. Our fully-equipped kitchens have all the tools to make that meal you’ve been thinking about all day. If you and your friends just need a cozy spot to hang out and drink some beers, our four-season “bier” garden has got you covered. Just because our residents are here to work hard at what makes them happy, doesn’t mean they can’t relax hard as well.

On top of that, our staff is here to help, no matter what that may be. Maybe you want to set up a bar crawl with your team; we’ll help you plan it. Perhaps you want to go kayaking down the Huron River. We’ll set up your route for you. Need to tailgate for a big football game? We’ll help you get the tables set up. Our staff members pride themselves in their expert knowledge of the City of Ann Arbor. We know where the hidden gems, the best dinners, the secret alleys, and the lost valleys are. All you have to do is ask.

The 4M campus and the City of Ann Arbor are fantastic places to live, both professionally and for quality of life. There are wonderful people to meet, a thousand and one things to do, and plenty of hard workers who are eager to help entrepreneurs. Sure, you can work as hard as possible on a campus like this, with its fiber internet, private meeting spaces, and curation processes to help you exceed professionally. But having the right mental headspace can make the biggest impact on your success, especially when it comes to starting your own business, startup, or team. 4M is simply here to help you achieve your goals.