The 4M Campus is designed to be a social community of well being and sustainability.

4M is a community that focuses on forging social connections, crafting an environment of wellbeing, and driving sustainability to be in harmony with nature and future generations of people.

Social Connections

Everything about the 4M campus is designed to enable and encourage social interaction. We’ve taken care to provide ample opportunity to engage and collaborate with your fellow community members and create lasting memories with the people around you.

Humans have the ability to be flexible and cooperate with each other, and we fully believe that when people live in a space that encourages interaction, wonderful things happen. To further facilitate this, 4M provides meaningful social events to our members.

Environment of Wellbeing

Mental health is at the forefront of our decision-making process. To drive a community focused on the wellbeing of our residents, we have cultivated a campus of shared values, safety, and sustained engagement. What does this mean? It means we foster a community of support and communication to make you feel right at home with your 4M family. People take responsibility for their actions, follow up with you, and encourage you to grow.

Driving Sustainability

At its core, the 4M campus is a campus of sustainability. The coliving model significantly reduces the carbon footprint of individuals simply by leveraging the sharing economy. Sharing resources and space, without sacrificing privacy and wellbeing maintains a sustainable lifestyle. By meeting the social, mental, and physical needs of our residents, 4M is not only an environmentally sustainable ecosystem, but 4M provides economic sustainability as well. By reducing the cost of living, working, and transportation, monthly costs are decreased significantly. Your wallet can feel good about saving the planet, too!

A New Kind of Community

At 4M our vision is to be leaders in the evolution of real estate, technology and style which collectively embrace concepts of spatial balance, revised functional scale, models of efficiency and quality, and enhanced proximity to community. It’s an evolution to the experience of place, one that makes sense to a growing number of people. Economy that is based on efficiency feels smarter; connection to neighbors in a walkable ecosystem feels more welcoming; collaboration with teammates feels energizing; and a membership in a community feels personally enriching.

We have grabbed onto the concept of the 15-minute community and built it one step further blending the satisfaction of enriched living with lifestyle assets in truly evolutionary ways. Living, working, playing, mobility…

…this is the 4M way.

Is there something else that matters to you in a coliving community? We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can accommodate what matters to you!


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